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I paint because there is nothing more I would rather be doing. It gets me up in the morning looking forward to the possibilities the day may bring.

My work is about the pleasure of seeing; and finding a place and moment of quietude and connection. I am constantly exploring new ideas, the subject matter varies, each a reflection of emotions and experiences at particular times in my life. I enjoys investigating different facets of nature and man, from the mighty to the mundane, through the filter of my collective experiences. I do not merely replicate what I see, but reinterpret through brush stroke, colour palette, subject and composition, what sparks my interest.

I don’t believe in tying myself down to a particular style or theme, but attempt to change and evolve continuously.

I am greatly influenced by my nomadic life. In my formative years I lived across the length and breadth of India, a sub-continent  of extreme diversity of landscape, people, culture and language. Later I lived in vibrant cities like Tokyo, Dublin,  Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore and now Hong Kong, each having contributed to expanding my creative horizon. 

For the past few years I have been exploring what I like to call 'Personal Geographies'-delving into memories, places and experiences that mark my continuing journey. My latest paintings have evolved from such introspections.

I work predominantly in acrylic and oils but make forays into pastels, cold wax medium and colour pencils and enjoy exploring new media.

My   artworks   are held in   private collections in Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia and India.


  • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, B&K Gallery, 2024

  • Consulate General of India Hong Kong, Group Exhibition, 2024

  • Sip and Bid Art Auction, The China Club, Hong Kong 2023

  • 'Individuality', Group Exhibition, Art Roof Top Gallery, Hong Kong 2023

  • ‘Colours of Humanity’ Art Prize- Justice Centre, Hong Kong (Finalist), 2023

  • 'OpenHeArt' Exhibition, The Art Group, Fringe Club, Hong Kong, 2023

  • 'The Songs of Nature', Solo Exhibition, UBUDeco Gallery, Hong Kong, 2023

  • 'Colours of Humanity' Arts Prize, Justice Centre Hong Kong 2022 (Winner Community Artist Award)

  • 'Light of Love' Exhibition, Group Exhibition, AI Gallery, Hong Kong 2022

  • Metaverse Biennale 2022

  • Artist of the Month- AWA Hong Kong 2021

  • Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize 2021(Finalist)

  • Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair-2020(Luxembourg)​



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